Photographing Pattern in Nature (via David Heilman)

This is a blog that was posted by David Heilman regarding photographing patterns in nature. Simply by changing your perspective you may make yourself suddenly aware of a pattern or something else that you hadn’t noticed before. I thought this post was fantastic, and relevant for not only photographers, but any artist wishing to record/capture their experiences in nature. Check out David’s blog! It has lots of incredible ideas and beautiful photographs.

INSPIRATION & ASSIGNMENTS: Patterns Patterns are all around us. They can be found in colors, shapes, textures and light…a field of wildflowers or clouds or raindrops on a windowpane or shadows…plus a thousand other things I am not mentioning. And if you change your perspective, by positioning yourself and your camera in a way that is out of the norm, you may find a pattern you did not notice before. Get up close, get down low, look at something from above. Find that different a … Read More

via David Heilman

2 thoughts on “Photographing Pattern in Nature (via David Heilman)

  1. Thanks! I agree–and art is a great way to create more awareness and sensitivity to the natural world. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and wanted to help share some of your ideas–amazing photographs!

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