Flower/Pollinator Installation!

I tried out this lesson with a group of 8-12 year old campers and absolutely loved the way it turned out! Not only do students learn more about flowers and pollinators through creating their own, but they also learn about art installations and constructing an exhibit. This lesson took my students about 3 class periods to complete (45 minutes each). Enjoy!

You will need:

-paper plates

-posterboard/thick paper

-paint/markers/oil pastels

-glue (hot glue gun might hold the construction together a little better than Elmer’s)

-reeds/sticks/rods at least 2′ tall

-air dry clay

-pipe cleaners/pom-poms/foam/buttons/etc.


-lace/sheer fabric

Instructions (DAY ONE):

1. Talk about flowers, their parts/design with your students.

2. Provide them with 5-7 sheets of thick paper (cardstock works well). Ask them to fold one piece in half and cut out a shape for their petal. This should result in a symmetrical shape for their petals.

3. Trace and cut out the rest of the petals. Choose a pattern/color for the petals and color with choice of paint, oil pastels, or markers.

4. Cut out a circle for center of flower and color/texturize with choice of materials.

Instructions (DAY TWO):

1. Talk about pollinators with your students. Show pictures and discuss body parts of the pollinators.

2. With air dry clay, ask students to create their own pollinators. They may use additional materials (wire/pipe cleaners/ lace/buttons) in their constructions.

3. Once constructed, students may begin painting or coloring their pollinators with paint/markers.

Instructions (DAY THREE):

1. Glue petals to paper plate for added support.

2. Poke rod/ stick through paper plate and glue center of flower to rod.

3. Glue pollinator to center of flower.

4. If time permits, students may design and color leaves to be added to the stem of their flowers.

5. Talk about installations and decide on a location for the flower installation as a class. Allow students to choose the location for the installation of their flowers.

6. Hold a gallery opening in which students can talk about their work with other students and their parents.

I hope you all enjoy this lesson! Since the materials were not waterproof, our flower installation was taken down after parents had seen the exhibit.

If you have any other ideas or alterations for this project, let me know! 🙂

Happy Thursday!


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