Nature Sketch Challenge!

So I’ve been thinking about this for some time now and decided that it’s high time I increased my own art making in the natural environment. So, for the next week I am posing a challenge for myself–as well as anyone interested in doing this with me–to complete one nature sketch every day. This does not need to be anything incredibly time consuming–or costly, for that matter. You can sketch on napkins, trash, notes–whatever you have at your disposal.

Every day next week, I will post some sort of nature sketch activity–along with my sketch of the day. If you choose to participate, I’d love to see your sketches or hear from you about your experiences and gained insights!

The challenge will begin Monday, October 3rd and end on Monday, October 10th. I’m looking forward to gaining new perspectives through this experience and hope some of you will consider joining me! 🙂

Step outside today, if you haven’t already! No matter the weather, it’s worth checking out!


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