Nature Sketch Challenge: DAY ONE!

Beginning today, October 3rd, through Monday, October 10th, I will be posting daily sketch inspirations, along with a picture of my daily nature sketch. One whole week of nature journaling–and it’s off to a great start with an absolutely beautiful day!

For those of you with limited drawing/art experience, my sketch idea for today will be a great way to loosen you up and get your creative juices flowing!


A great way to get warmed up is with a blind contour drawing, which is drawing something without looking at the page or lifting your pencil/pen from the paper.

Activity: Find a flower or leaf to draw. Look at the flower closely, following the outlines of the petals/edges of leaf. Do not lift your pencil until you are done with all of the details of your subject (flower/leaf).

Complete several contour drawings, exploring your subject from different angles and perspectives. Do not turn the page. Complete all blind contour drawings on one page.

As you look at your subject, concentrate on understanding, seeing, and recording all of the details you observe. The goal with this exercise is to sharpen your observations skills, not to create a finished masterpiece. By the end of this exercise, if done right, your paper will look like a page of nothing but lines and marks. (If you’d like, you can write your thoughts, descriptions, or anything else you’d like to your sketches when your page is complete).

Enjoy the PROCESS, not the product. And enjoy getting to know your chosen subject a little better 🙂

Happy drawing! I will add my day’s sketch to this post this evening. Looking forward to the process!

Today’s sketch:


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