Nature Sketch Challenge: DAY TWO!

For those of you who participated with me in Day One of the Nature Sketch Challenge, I hope your observation skills now feel a little sharper than they were! I know I enjoyed taking a moment out of my day to really LOOK at a little piece of the natural environment—something that frequently goes overlooked in the hustle and bustle. By the end of my sketching, I felt like I knew the ins and outs of the little clover-like plant that was the subject of my study.

And now for today’s sketching suggestion:

Exploring a Flower Through Mark-Making 

Select one flower to be the subject of your study. Draw the flower at least five different times–each time exploring it using only one type of mark per drawing. (example: you might draw the flower using nothing but short, straight lines…or perhaps you’d like to use dots or circles). The idea with this exercise is to study the shapes and forms you see within your flower. You’ll also get a better idea of what types of marks work best for certain parts of the flower. (For instance, you don’t normally see many straight lines or perfect right angles in nature).

Enjoy the exercise! I will post my sketches later this evening.

Happy Sketching!

Today’s Sketch:


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