Nature Sketch Challenge- DAY THREE!

Onto the third day of my nature sketch challenge! If you didn’t get a change to try drawing flowers with only ONE type of mark, give it a try sometime! I found it to be incredibly frustrating and difficult, as I naturally wanted to use more than one type of mark in order to better record my observations. That being said, today’s challenge is what I was begging for yesterday!

Drawing a Flower From 5 Different Perspectives

Select a flower, or some other type of LIVING plant to be your subject. This time, draw your subject from at least 5 different PERSPECTIVES (side view, bottom, top, etc). You may use several different types of marks for these drawings.

The goal of this exercise is to study the shapes and forms that you observe in your subject and to learn how to effectively use combinations of mark making techniques.

Happy Sketching! I will post my sketch later this evening!

Today’s Sketch:


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