Nature Sketch Challenge- DAY FOUR!

Wow! Yesterday’s sketch was much harder for me than I had thought it would be. However, I definitely learned a lot about my flower! For instance, just from an initial glance, I would not have noticed that the petals were actually striped, with a lighter yellow stripe running down the middle. I also would’ve never seen the underside of the petals, with have some dark green on the edges! What a great opportunity to really get to know one of the little, overlooked gems in nature.

Onto today’s sketch suggestion:

Sketch a sound!

For this lesson, locate a nice place to sit or stand and spend about a minute or so just listening to the sounds around you. After about a minute of listening, choose one sound to track down. Once you locate the source of the sound, draw it, as well as some of the environment surrounding it.

I will post my sketch later today. Happy Sketching!

Today’s Sketch: 


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