Nature Sketch Challenge: DAY FIVE!

Pfew! Turns out tracking down a sound and drawing the cause of the sound is much more difficult than it looks on a computer screen! Thank goodness for the wind–which enabled numerous sounds to be heard, as leaves scattered and rustled every which way, tree branches swayed, and dust flew.

Onto today’s challenge!

Find something hidden to bring out into the spotlight

For today’s sketchbook suggestion, try to find something that is covered or blocked by something else…or an object that is so plain-looking that it is probably overlooked by those passing by. Get to know that object by sketching it in detail. Focus on trying to draw the texture of the object and the shadows. If time permits, move to a different location to choose a new background in which your hidden object will be more noticeable. Draw the background behind your object, being careful to draw it lighter so that your object will stand out.

Happy drawing!! I will post my sketch later this evening.

Today’s Sketch:


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