Nature Sketch Challenge: DAY SIX!

We’re only one day away from one continuous week of Nature Sketching! 🙂 Yesterday’s sketch once again posed a challenge for me, as I was not only sick, but also had trouble finding the time to actually be able to go outside to sketch. I guess everyone has days like that..And that’s part of what this challenge is about–working to MAKE a little bit of time for small, artful explorations in nature.

And now for the challenge of the day:

Getting to know a tree

For this exercise, choose a tree–big or small–that you’d like to get to know a little better. To begin with, draw 2 blind contour drawings of your tree (see day one for instructions). Next, examine your tree closely. Feel the bark of the tree and sketch the texture. Draw a tree branch and/or a leaf in detail. You can put as much time into this exercise as you’d like–eventually drawing the entire tree, or only focusing on parts of the tree. The choice is yours. Either way, you will come away from the experience knowing your tree a little better than you did before.

Happy Sketching! I will post my sketch later this evening.

Today’s Sketch:

Here’s my sketch for the day! While in the midst of getting to know my tree friend, I was bombarded with Texas rain (for which I rejoiced!). However, the rain DID cut my sketching session short. I still managed a few sketches…

Here’s a close-up of my bark examination:

2 thoughts on “Nature Sketch Challenge: DAY SIX!

  1. Hi Tara- so glad you found my blog…and led me to yours. We have much in common. I am also gathering ideas to teach kids about the environment through art. Last year I talked about small vs. big agriculture with kids and the use of chemicals, etc. I had them make a list of the vegetables and fruits that they thought were in season, and also a list of questions to ask the farmers about their methods. Then I took them to the farmer’s market to see what actually was in season, and to interview the farmers.
    I also did a project on various eco-systems and had them create a mural of the life-cycles and trophic levels within each eco-system. We discussed petroleum-derived plastics, the trash vortices in the ocean, the effects of plastics upon the oceans, and then made fish-mobiles out of plastic bottles. I look forward to incorporating some of your ideas into my lessons.

    • Hi Kate,

      Yes! I am really enjoying reading your blog as well–and incorporating your ideas into my lessons. Art and environmental studies have so many natural (no pun intended) connections–What an awesome opportunity for your students to be able to get out there and actually talk to the farmers about their methods! Love the mobile idea as well! I did something similar in studying the life cycles of different insects, reptiles, and amphibians. They look incredible when hung up together, too!

      Have you tried any seed bombing lessons with your kids? An art teacher friend of mine just finished a seed bombing lesson with her kiddos and I am dying to try it out! Maybe I’ll blog about it soon…


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