Nature Photography Challenge!!

After what I deemed to be a successful Nature Sketch Challenge in the beginning of October, I decided it was time to explore another artistic process through which nature can be explored and understood—Nature Photography! In past posts, I have mentioned photography, however, during the first week of November, I would like to explore the possibilities of this medium in greater depth. So, from November 1 – November 8, I will be posting suggestions for Nature Photography, along with my BEST nature shot of the day. Along with the image, I will provide an explanation for why I consider it to be my BEST, along with a short sentence about the insights I gained on that particular day.

As was the case with last month’s challenge, I invite anyone who is interested in a good challenge to participate with me–sharing your images and insights as well!

For the rest of this week, I will post various Nature Photographer’s works for inspiration and motivation for the coming challenge!

Who’s in?


9 thoughts on “Nature Photography Challenge!!

  1. I’m not an expert, but this photo is awesome! Wonderful perspective! Thanks also, for your visit and I’m glad you liked my Desert Beauty Haiku and photo. I took it and was pleased with how it turned out with my little digital camera! I look forward to perusing your blog, too! 🙂

  2. Thanks for popping by my blog (and liking it)! I like photography too (as in this for example) but, what happened to all the future photos you promised to post?

    • Martin, thanks for your comment. The photographs from this Nature Photography Challenge are posted on a daily basis (please see the next 7 or 8 posts after this one). Each of my monthly challenges are 7 days, so the artwork related to each challenge is posted daily. Photography is just one of the many art forms I have (and will continue) to use to explore the natural world.

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