No Shame in Stillness

I know I already posted for the day, but nevertheless, I felt I needed to share this post with you. Fellow blogger, Jenni talks about the benefits of taking out time in your day to be still and truly enjoy the world around you. Check out her post: No Shame in Stillness.

Sitting still, and, as she writes, “accomplishing absolutely nothing” actually accomplishes a great deal for your mind, body, and spirit. Your senses become more attuned to the sounds, smells, and sights around you. Through silence, you are able to reflect on your surroundings and the incredible world into which you have been created. Artful explorations in nature do not always involve the physical act of MAKING art. Sometimes aesthetic appreciation of the beauty around you can be just as powerful–if not more powerful than the creation of a reaction to your observations.

Take a moment out of your day today to be still and truly appreciate the beauty found within the natural world.


2 thoughts on “No Shame in Stillness

  1. Wow– You have a GORGEOUS view from your deck! I love those fall colors. Rainy days provide great moments for reflection and creativity! Thanks for sharing your post with me!

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