Nature Photography Challenge: DAY THREE!

Today’s challenge is to study and appreciate TEXTURE through your lens! So, rather than focusing on the composition of your shot, take a moment to appreciate the variety of patterns and textures that are out there. Maybe you want to take this a step further and add some touch to your artful explorations. Try feeling some of the textures before you take your picture. Then, compose your shot so as to capture the FEEL of that texture. It’s a tough assignment, I know. Here are some of my favorite shots from today’s challenge:

FEELS LIKE: Smooth surface, broken up with very thin ridges and smooth bumps

FEELS LIKE: Crisp, Dry, Rough, Pointy

FEELS LIKE: Grainy texture with thick ridges, broken up with smooth areas

FEELS LIKE: Very rough, chunky, and ridge-filled surface, gritty knot surface

And here’s the last one I’ll post. I took this shot just for fun–exploring the visual textures more than the tactile…

Have a wonderful day of artful nature exploration!

For tomorrow’s challenge, I propose the following:

-Choose a nice place to sit and relax. Without moving from this spot, take shots of anything and everything around you. Maybe you’ll notice something particularly interesting and normally overlooked!

‘Til tomorrow!


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