Nature Photography Challenge: DAY FOUR!

I must say I enjoyed the little break in my day, provided to me by my fourth challenge! Rather than selecting an area that seemed to be full of aesthetic possibilities, I chose an area that I walk by every day…and frequently overlook. After my little photo shoot in the area, I now feel like I know and appreciate this area much more than before. I found that this special place, that initially appeared to be rather dull, is teeming with incredible visual patterns, colors (thought I took mostly black and white shots! Oops!), and life! Here are a few of my shots from the experience:

In addition to my own shots, here are a few shots sent to me by one of my readers, Keith Powley! In Arizona, he took a break from his day to find a colorful spot to explore. Here are a few things he found:

What a cool spot to explore! One of the things that I love about this process is that we are not only forced to take a closer look at the world around us, but we are also able to share our personal experiences and observations with others.

For tomorrow’s challenge, look to the sky. Try capturing a variety of sky-themed shots…perhaps you might want to try taking pictures throughout the day, capturing different times of the day..or maybe you just want to focus on making the sky the subject of your picture…while still including other aspects of the natural environment. The decision is yours…

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!









2 thoughts on “Nature Photography Challenge: DAY FOUR!

  1. Hi Tara, I have enjoyed seeing your photos from your nature photography challenge! I have also had the experience of thinking there was nothing special to photograph in my immediate area. I challenged myself earlier this year to find different perspectives on familiar views. I was pleasantly surprised to find subjects that looked new (to me).

  2. Thanks, Karen! I find it absolutely amazing the way that photography can really enhance and change the way you look at the world around you! It’s such a wonderful art medium. I’d love to see your photographs from your challenge–such a great exercise to be able to find a new perspective in the “norm!” Thanks for sharing!

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