Nature Photography Challenge: DAY SIX!

Ahh the best laid plans…

Turns out I should have consulted the local weather report prior to setting my challenge for today! Turns out, the forecast for today was cloudy, with a 99.9% chance of diffused light…leaving a .1% chance of the sun popping out from behind the clouds to cast a few shadows. So, not being one to let a cloudy day get in my way, I decided to take a little Sunday stroll with my camera…just to see what I could find. Turns out that sun DID pop out twice during my walk…for about 2-5 seconds..leaving no time for any sort of compositional design. I had to shoot any and all shadows I could find.

This, my friends, is no way to enjoy a day of photographic explorations. So, while trying to capture fleeting moments of sunshine and shadows, I focused most of my attention to enjoying my beautiful walk and discovering little gems of nature along the way. Below are a few of my favorite shots from the walk–beginning with one of the only real shadows that I was able to capture!:

This is what the sun was doing for 99.9% of my walk…hiding:

I must say, even though I was initially frustrated by the lack of sunshine-induced shadows, I enjoyed the walk..and was able to discover some pretty awesome sights along the way! In addition, my husband decided to join me for the walk–and captured some pretty great shots of his own:

For tomorrow’s challenge (the LAST challenge for this month!), weather permitting, I will once again be on the look-out for shadows! In addition, I propose an in-depth observation of one subject in nature that is of particular interest to you–be that a tree, flower, animal, rock, etc… Try to take pictures of your subject from a variety of angles. Study the texture, patterns, colors, and shapes of your subject. Maybe if I’m lucky, my subject will also be casting some shadows!

‘Till tomorrow…Happy shooting! 🙂

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