Working with Textures in Nature: Charla Puryear

Looks like the holidays and my work load got the best of me–managing to pull me away from a new post for an entire week! My sole consolation is that I will soon be posting for a week straight–as the time for another Nature Challenge draws near!

In the meantime, I’d like to share with you the work of another environmental artist, Charla Puryear. As both a painter and sculptor, Charla Puryear works with the natural textures found in nature–particularly the surfaces of rocks.

Through the art of “frottage,” or rubbing, Puryear creates beautiful paintings and images.

To create these images, she wraps a piece of canvas around a rock or tree, applies paint to the canvas, and then by rubbing transfers the texture of the object onto the canvas.

She writes, “This image provides the sketch for my painting, which is completed in my studio. This painting process is my way of documenting nature, partnering with it, amplifying its voice and sharing it with others.”

Often, Puryear will leave her subjects (trees, rocks,etc) wrapped in canvas for days or weeks in order to allow for interactions with the natural elements.

Click on the link provided above to view more of her works. Her work illustrates a wonderful example of a way in which TEXTURES within the natural world might be artfully explored.

Tomorrow I will post more about my next Nature Challenge, which will begin on Thursday, December 1!

‘Til then…Happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “Working with Textures in Nature: Charla Puryear

  1. Reblogged this on artfulexplorationsinnature and commented:

    In preparation for tomorrow’s challenge, I also wanted to reblog a post that I wrote in late November about the art of Charla Puryear. Wrapping canvas around objects in nature, Puryear explores texture through painting and then rubbing the canvas and exposing it to the elements (rain, sun, etc.). Enjoy revisiting her work!

    For tomorrow’s challenge, gather your canvas and painting materials. Choose one subject to paint on your canvas. This challenge will be similar to last month’s MOSAIC art challenge. For the next 7 days, I will be adding to one canvas–exploring different aspects of nature through painting each day. Enjoy each step of the process! Although some of the painting will be done OUTSIDE, keep your camera at hand throughout the day in case you come across something that you would like to paint later!

    ‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!

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