It’s that time…

I cannot believe that another month has come and gone.. After exploring the natural world through sketching and photography for my first two challenges, I have decided to dedicate this weeklong challenge to artful explorations of the natural world through ENVIRONMENTAL ART.

Timo Jokela (1996) Snow Installation

So, beginning on Thursday, December 1 – Wednesday, December 7, I will be engaging different aspects of the natural world through creating small installation works using natural materials from my selected sites. Here are some important things to remember regarding environmental, ecological, or nature art:

-photography is a significant and very special part of environmental art, as it is a documentation of the installation as it exists at that time.

-That being said, much of environmental art is ephemeral–existing for only a moment before the natural elements alter its form. Photography can be an important part of documenting these changes and the art works gradual return to the organized chaos of the natural world.

-The chosen site for the art work also plays an important part in dictating the form in which the art will take.

Those are just a few little tips to keep in mind during this challenge. As always, I welcome any and all of you to join me on this little adventure! There are no wrong answers–no “bad” works of art. These nature challenges are as much about the JOURNEY, as the destination.

Also, if you would like further inspiration, check out my previous posts (filed under “Inspirational Others”) about environmental artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, Linda Gordon, Charla Puryear, Peter Cook and Becky Northey.

I will also be posting little bits of inspiration before and during the Nature Challenge.

Till tomorrow, happy explorations!


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