Nature Art Challenge: DAY ONE!!

Today marks the beginning of this month’s nature challenge: Exploring the natural world through ENVIRONMENTAL ART! After completing my first day of the challenge, I can already tell that I am going to learn a great deal over the next week–SO exciting!

For today’s challenge, I decided to focus my attentions on the concept of death in the natural world. Dead branches and twigs scattered on the ground do not tend to draw as much attention as the trees themselves. Yet these branches were once a part of these beautiful, majestic, and vivacious trees. Once a branch or leaf has fallen to the ground, it seems to lose some of that connection to the larger body of the living tree–becoming a part of the ground. So, with these thoughts in mind, my environmental installation for the day sought to explore the connection that still exists between fallen branches and leaves and the living trees from which they fall.

Here’s the result of my efforts:

For those of you participating in the challenge, I encourage you to find something that is often overlooked in nature that you might highlight through it’s placement in your chosen site and natural colors and shapes you find in the area.

‘Til tomorrow…Happy Explorations!


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