Challenge: Simplify the Holidays

Although this doesn’t directly relate to artful explorations in nature, I felt it was relevant with the holidays quickly approaching. For many years I have entertained the idea of making all of my Christmas presents. In fact, “Have a completely homemade Christmas” is one of the top 10 entries on my bucket list! As I was browsing blogrolls this morning, I stumbled upon this awesome brochure developed by The Center for a New American Dream, titled “Simplify the Holidays.” This brochure has some fantastic ideas for simplifying all aspects of the holidays–returning the focus to family, love, and celebration, and removing consumerism from the picture. Christmas doesn’t have to be about spending money. By changing even just a few aspects of your holiday traditions, you can not only save money, but also reduce WASTE. Think about how many Christmas presents end up going unused; how many holiday sweaters end up getting sent to the thrift stores after one wearing. I challenge everyone this Christmas to take a little extra time to think about your gifts. Will they be used and enjoyed by the receiver? How might your gift help that person or someone else? Think about quality–not quantity; the meaning, not the price behind the gift. Check out the tips in the above-mentioned brochure for some great ideas!

P.S. Don’t worry–I didn’t forget about today’s nature challenge…pictures will be posted later this afternoon 🙂

‘Til later…

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