DAY THREE: Nature Art Challenge!

Today is another peaceful, beautiful rainy day! So, with umbrella in hand, I headed out my front door this morning to hunt for some inspiration. Not even 10 feet away from my doorstep, I came across this odd little mushroom that had split, creating a flower-like shape to its surface. Sitting right next to the mushroom (which was uprooted and resting on its side), I noticed a tiny shell. As soon as I had noticed this shell, I suddenly became aware of other similar shells. Thus began my search for shells–and the start to my environmental art of the day!

Here is my resulting work:

One of the really special moments resulting from this particular work was an interaction I had with a neighbor while I was picking up shells. Walking past me, he suddenly stopped and asked, “Are you looking for something?” I responded, “Yes! I’m collecting these awesome little shells. They’re everywhere!” He gave me THAT look…you know, the “this girl is CRAZY” look, and then headed inside. A few minutes later, he headed out again to check his mail. On his way back, he stopped in front of me and, excitedly announced, “Hey–thanks A LOT! Because of you and your SHELLS, I spent the entire walk to the mail room searching for little shells! I didn’t find any shells, but I thought you might like to know that their are some really shiny rocks right outside the mailroom!”

That interaction in-and-of-itself made today’s challenge worth the effort. My own interest in the tiny details of the natural world inspired this man to open his eyes and take a closer look at the natural beauty around our little apartment complex.

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! If you are able, try to make a little time in your day to step outside and enjoy the beauty of the ever-changing world around you.

‘Til tomorrow…Happy Explorations!



8 thoughts on “DAY THREE: Nature Art Challenge!

    • Thanks! I loved discovering those little shells–I’m still on the lookout for them every time I step out my front door!

      That particular work is sort of underneath the stairwell, so it’s likely he’s walked past it at least once in the last couple of days!

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