DAY TWO: Nature Art Challenge!

Beautiful, glorious rain–today marked almost an entire day of rejuvenation, as the incredibly thirst Austin land finally got the first REAL drink it has had in months!

To celebrate, I decided to use the resulting mud as a source for today’s challenge! I wanted to explore the connection between water and life.

To create my work for the day, I found a nice little puddle, and through drawing lines in the mud, transformed the puddle into the trunk of a tree. It was an interesting process–trying to coax the water out of the puddle and into my tree!

Here is my resulting work:

As a side note, I also enjoyed a lovely little walk in the rain…and took several pictures in the process. As I was nearing the end of my walk, I noticed a strange foam coming out of bark of a very large tree. Do any of you environmentalists out there know the cause for these bubbles?:

Here is one possible explanation, based on my initial attempts to research the problem: Spittlebugs. These little guys secrete a frothy substance to protect themselves from getting washed away by forceful streams of water or being eaten by other predators. This foamy nest is made of “watery waste; air, which is blown through abdominal openings to make bubbles; and a glandular secretion.” When rain begins to wash away their nest, they produce more bubbles to restore it. Although Spittlebugs feed from plants, they are relatively harmless–occasionally stunting the growth of the plant or causing some deformation.

Sounds like my observations from my walk might be Spittlebug related…However, if anyone else knows what’s up, I’m all ears!

‘Til tomorrow..Happy Explorations! 🙂



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