Nature Art Challenge: DAY FOUR!

Forecast for Austin—100% chance of rain, followed by a little drizzle and chill. Excellent. Keep it coming!

Armed with the necessities (boots, jacket, umbrella, camera) I headed out into the great unknown (aka the natural landscape in and around my little apartment complex)! I actually found my site for today’s work as I was headed to my car yesterday afternoon: a tree with lovely yellow leaves on a small hillside. Today I decided to play with the power of one bold line–drawing attention to both the lovely leaves and the tree from which they came. I ended up running the line all the way from the tree to the sidewalk. In this way, I planned to attract interest from anyone who happened to walk by. I’m excited to observe how this piece might change over the next 24 hours!

Here’s the result of my environmental art explorations for the day:


Just to put this in perspective for anyone who is a little uncertain about whether or not to try something like this–the above installation took me about 10-15 minutes to construct and photograph. Obviously my works for the purpose of these challenges are meant to be quick explorational acts. I’ve found that working with nature to construct works of art is incredibly liberating! I feel as though I am a child once more– engaging with everything I find; experiencing a sense of wonder at the incredible world around us…AND getting my hands dirty (which the rainy weather has graciously helped with!). If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, give it a try–go play in the mud, make a cool design with colorful leaves or rocks, or build something out of sticks. You might just surprise yourself at what you take away or notice in the process…

‘Til tomorrow, happy explorations!

3 thoughts on “Nature Art Challenge: DAY FOUR!

  1. I agree completely! Unfortunately going out to play seems to be one of those things that gets lost in the translation between childhood and adulthood. It’s so fun and liberating to allow yourself to just go outside and play–uninhibited…AND it’s incredibly healthy for the mind, body, and spirit!

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