Nature Art Challenge: DAY FIVE!

Brrrr! Texas is finally starting to feel like Christmas! While I am enjoying the colder weather, the freezing, biting wind made for a tough–and quick challenge today! While walking around, I was astonished at the difference that a few days of good rain can make to the verdant plant life in the area! Everything was SO GREEN! After a few minutes of hunting, I located a shape that held my interest–an acorn top. As was the case with the little shells on Day Three, I immediately became conscious of the existence of hundreds of these acorn tops, scattered every which way. Gathering a handful of these tops, I headed back to the greenery I had passed earlier. There I found a luscious bed of clovers–the perfect location for my acorn tops to find rest.

Here’s the result of today’s relatively brief explorations: 

I can’t believe this month’s challenge is drawing to a close…only two days remaining! Hopefully the wind will be a little more friendly and warm tomorrow…

‘Til later…happy explorations!


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