Nature Art Challenge: DAY SIX!

Ever since my neighbor tipped me off to the shiny rocks near the mailroom, I’ve been itching to get over there and check it out! So, for today’s challenge, I decided to pay a visit to the mailroom (though I didn’t actually venture inside to check the mail). My neighbor was absolutely correct! The ground was covered with sparkling rocks (at least whenever the sun decided to make a brief appearance!)

Here is the result of my explorations, dedicated to the keen observations of my neighbor: 

On my way back, I decided to check on my installation from Day Three. Although most of the shells had vacated their mushroom bed, nature seemed to have been kind to my work over the last couple of days. Here’s an updated picture: 

Only one day remaining in this month’s challenge! If you haven’t given environmental art a try over these last 6 days, give it a shot tomorrow! Take a little walk. If something happens to catch your eye, take a few minutes to explore that object further…see what you can create!

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!

4 thoughts on “Nature Art Challenge: DAY SIX!

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