Nature Art Challenge: DAY SEVEN!!

Well…all good things must come to an end…and today marks the last day of December’s weeklong Nature Challenge!  For today’s explorations, I headed to this little well-manicured plot of land that I had been eyeing for awhile. Although the plot contained a wide variety of possibilities for artistic inspiration, the little gems that caught my attention today were the piles of burnt wood that seemed to be scattered over the rocks in two prominent piles. So, I decided to transform those piles into a new form.

Here is the result of today’s explorations:


I must say I had a particularly fantastic week of nature explorations! Every day posed a new adventure–and with it, a new awakening to the beauty that can be found hidden away in the natural environment. SO MUCH can be learned through hands on interactions with the natural world. On Day Two (mud  day) I shocked myself at my own hesitations to get dirty in the mud. Sadly, I, like most adults, had lost the innate sense of play and wonder (which seems to frequently get lost in the translation between childhood and adulthood!) I hope you all enjoyed this challenge (and opportunity to play) as much as I did! I’m pretty sure I am going to go through environmental art withdrawals over the next couple of days…

‘Til later…Happy Explorations!


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