A Fresh Perspective…

Although the nature art challenge is officially over for this month, I wanted to share one more piece of environmental art with you! One of my readers, Keith, emailed some images to me yesterday evening, requesting that I treat his first attempts kindly. When I opened the attached images, I was blown away by the thought and beauty that had gone into this installation. Here is the description of his work in his own words:

“We finally got away from the minus 5 degree weather and the 40’s lured me out with my camera.  On the way out, I thought about my theme.  I came up with something to do with the death of the snow…as it began to melt quickly in the sun.  I started taking pics (I’ll send you the rest in the some additional emails).  As I went along, I thought about the billions of snowflakes that fluttered to the earth to blanket it in white.  So I decided to do a “Requiem for a Snowflake”.  See what you think… I also went back 30 minutes later to see the monument’s progress into the snow.

I loved this… so much fun.  I’ll send you some other pics of nature’s own Requiem for all the Snowflakes.”

Here is his resulting work:

As mentioned above, he went back outside 30 minutes later to check on the progress of his work. Below is his documentation of the observed changes:

Beautiful work! I’m hoping he continues to document the changes to this work (which I will add to this post if they come my way!)

UPDATE! Keith sent me these images from 2 days later:

In Keith’s words, “The snowflake memorial had been transforming…especially in this morning’s sun.  After taking color and b&w pics, I added many, many snowflakes to the center of the memorial and took a few more pics.”

Here’s a shot of his addition to the work:

If anyone else gave the nature art challenge a try and would like to send some pics my way, I’d love to showcase your work! You can email me at: taranpappas@yahoo.com.

‘Til later…Happy Explorations!


3 thoughts on “A Fresh Perspective…

    • Thanks, Mike! I appreciate your comments on my reader, Keith’s work. I thought the last photograph was a really great illustration of his attempts to further the conversation with his work of art–an attempt to extend the life of his “snowflakes.” Just some thoughts 🙂

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