Environmental Video Artist: Annette Arlander

Continuing on with my explorations of video as a medium through which the environment might be explored, I introduce you to Annette Arlander, a video performance artist from Finland. In reference to her work as an artist, Arlander writes,

“My art practice is focused on performing landscape by means of video or recorded voice. I prefer to show my works as projections, two or three channel video installations or spatial arrangements where the passing of time depicted in the works is presented as cyclical loops…Although my works can be understood as autobiographical diary notes, linked to minimal aesthetics of early video artists, or connected to purist documentary approaches, personally I see them as attempts at combining the methods of performance art, environmental art and video art, as sketches of human being’s relationship to the environment and as notes on the continuous changes in the landscape.”

Here’s an example of one of her works from a twelve year project that began in 2002. You can read more about Annette Arlander and view more of her videos here.

Year of the Ox

‘Til later, happy explorations!!

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