Nature Video Challenge: TOMORROW!

Tomorrow begins January’s Nature Art Challenge, which will focus on exploring the natural environment through video art! For those of you wishing to participate with me in this weeklong challenge, I will be posting daily suggestions for subjects and techniques to explore. As always, regardless of whether or not you participate in the art making process of this challenge, I invite you to participate with me through your comments and viewing of my posted videos!

Although not directly specific to Nature Video Art, offers some helpful tips for video production. Here are a few of their tips…abridged:

1.) Get physically close to your subjects. The visual perspective and sound is better when you physically get closer to your subject, as opposed to using the zoom. Although the sound may not be AS important when filming nature, the effects of physical proximity to your subject might be interesting to explore.

2.) Film scenes using more than just one shot. Showing the same objects from multiple perspectives and magnifications can make a video a little more interesting–though this style should not be overused.

3.) Film more than just your subject. This adds interest to your film as well–and makes editing a little bit easier as well. Just make sure that what you use as a “cut away” from your subject relates in some way to the overall theme of your video.
4.) Film at the same height as your subject. This provides a much more natural look for your subject. Experiment with different heights and angles as a way to create dramatic effects in your filming.

To check out the rest of these video tips, click on the link I’ve provided above! Just to give you a little head start in brainstorming for tomorrow’s challenge, here’s my suggestion for tomorrow’s video:

Choose one subject to explore from multiple perspectives and magnifications. If you have video editing software, try creating a moving collage of sorts, by piecing together short video segments from different perspectives and angles of your subject.

As always, my suggestions are just that–SUGGESTIONS. Feel free to film whatever and wherever the wind may take you!

Till tomorrow…happy explorations!

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