Nature Video Challenge: DAY ONE!

What a beautiful day for a challenge! The weather is in the balmy high 60’s this afternoon–perfect for a little nature walk. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, today’s suggestion was to create a collage of sorts by choosing one subject to film from multiple perspectives and magnifications. To create my video for this challenge, I selected a Live Oak tree as my subject. I filmed this video in small segments and then pieced it together afterwards in order to create a blinking effect. So, in this video I was exploring the collage of visual images that enter our minds as we are exploring the beautiful environment around us!

Today’s video:

As always, your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated! 🙂

For tomorrow’s video challenge,

Study the movement of an object in nature. If it is not already in motion, experiment with bringing life back into your subject using stop animation (film object, move it slightly, repeat). 

Till tomorrow…happy explorations!


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