Nature Video Challenge: DAY TWO!

Today’s challenge turned out to be much hard than I had thought. Unfortunately my first attempt at stop animation was a little shakier than I had wanted, due to a lack of a tripod (or some sort of makeshift camera stand). Here is the result of my attempts to bring back life into my subject:

After fighting with this video for more time than I care to admit on this post, I decided to return outside to play around with another idea. Below is the result of my second video of the day (though I must warn you—I definitely strayed from the suggested challenge for the day!):

Please note: No live plants were harmed in the making of these videos 🙂


Tomorrow’s suggestion: Explore the colors and shapes around you! (I’ll leave this suggestion open for creative interpretation!)

Till tomorrow…happy explorations!

13 thoughts on “Nature Video Challenge: DAY TWO!

    • Thanks! I hadn’t even thought about the sound in this film! I definitely need to work on my leaf animation skills for future videos (and maybe invest in a tripod…) 🙂

  1. Must concur that the plant reconstruction was the most effective piece! I really like the way this challenge is going and looking forward to your next videos!

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