Nature Video Challenge: DAY THREE!

Today’s suggestion was to explore the patterns and colors in nature. Since most of the day was filled with glorious rain showers (MUCH appreciated and needed in the Austin area!), I decided to explore the colors, shapes, and distortions found in a rain puddle. By slowing down the film and reversing the captured film, I was able to study the transformation that took place as I dropped various leaves into the puddle. Overall I thought the resulting film was a nice first attempt at filming water–though issues of filming reflective surfaces and lighting will have to be further explored in future films!

Here is the resulting film:

And for a bonus, here is another film I put together–exploring the same sort of concept as yesterday’s second video, but in a slightly different way:

For tomorrow’s challenge, I will take to the skies–focusing on the sky as my main subject. As with today’s suggestions, I will leave this up to your creative interpretation. You might film a bird in flight, trees in motion, the changes in the sky over a period of time, or perhaps something else entirely that in some way grabs your attention!

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations! 🙂


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