Nature Video Challenge: DAY FOUR!

Today’s windy weather made for dramatic changes in the sky–changes that were literally BEGGING to be filmed. On my way to the gym I watched handfuls of clouds as they quickly blew across the bright blue sky…wishing I was watching the drama unfold through the lens of my camera! 😦 After I finished my workout, I headed out with my camera, hoping the sky had saved some of its drama for my nature challenge. As is usually the case when you’re actually LOOKING for something, the sky did not deliver…In fact, it seemed as though most of the giant, active clouds had disappeared entirely. After several minutes of filming, I ventured inside…temporarily defeated.

After about an hour of toying around with my first sky video attempts, I decided to head outside again to see if I could find SOMETHING exciting going on. This video is the result of my second filming attempts:

Pfew! Challenge Indeed!

For tomorrow’s challenge, I will study the lines and structure of an object in nature. For this video, I will focus on the lines and borders that make up the natural object chosen to be the subject of my video. 

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations! 🙂


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