Nature Video Challenge: DAY SEVEN!

Today is the last day of January’s Nature Video Challenge! For today’s video, I left the assignment completely open to whatever happened to come across your (or my) path throughout the day.  In my own case, the delivery of a package of delicious tea provided the spark needed for my seventh nature video! Using a very long piece of paper that had been used to protect the wonderful contents of my package, I decided to explore this material and its source.

Here is the resulting video:

I hope you have all enjoyed this challenge as much as I have! Having never explored video art before, I found it to be a wonderfully unique way of exploring the subtle changes in the environment. There are so many beautiful changes that occur on a daily basis–and I find that unless I deliberately force myself to become more actively aware of the natural world, these subtleties go unnoticed. Through time lapse videos, these changes can be explored within a matter of minutes (though the actual footage takes numerous hours/days/months). If you’re interested in checking out some awesome time lapse videos, check these out!

If any of you decided to try video art yourselves, I’d love to see your work! 🙂

‘Til later…happy explorations!

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