Garden Mosaics of Katie Green!

I hope each and every one of you was able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors over your weekend! Yesterday, my husband and I took advantage of the last weekend of free admission to the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center! Although the wildflowers were rather scarce, we were able to acquaint ourselves with heaping handfuls of native trees and shrubs (figuratively speaking, of course). If you’re in the Austin area and haven’t been to the Wildflower Center yet, take advantage of the free admission offered during the month of January (two days left)!  My favorite site was most definitely the incredible seed pods of the Alamo Vine! Check them out:

And now, to continue on with my mosaic research, I give you the mosaic glass sculptures of Katie Green! Rather than using natural objects in her sculptures, she mimics the natural shapes, texture, and light found within natural garden spaces. She uses glass from all over the world to create her works, frequently recycling old pieces of glass as well. Here are a few of her works:

To view more of her mosaics and read more about Katie, click here. February’s nature challenge will begin this coming WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1st! So exciting! More details to come in the next couple of days…

‘Til later…happy explorations!


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