Nature Art Challenge: MOSAICS…Tomorrow!

Tomorrow begins February’s Nature Art Challenge. As mentioned in my last few posts, the focus of this challenge will be exploring the natural environment through the creation of a mosaic. For this challenge, rather than creating a different work of art each day, I will be gathering supplies and working on ONE mosaic throughout the 7 days of the challenge. Each day, I will focus my attention to gathering on specific type of supply.

For those of you wishing to join me in this challenge, tomorrow’s challenge will be to gather the HEART of your composition. In other words, find something interesting to be the fuel for your mosaic—the heart from which the rest of the piece will flow. Also, choose a canvas for your work. Since I do not have the proper supplies to create a true mosaic (grout, etc..), I will be using alternative methods to piece my composition together. Enjoy each day’s task as it comes! DO NOT OVERPLAN. This is meant to be a very organic process–so don’t have an overall picture in mind!

In preparation for the start of the challenge, check out this awesome blog called Mosaic Art NOW! It includes images and information about tons of mosaic artists. Here’s the work of one particular artist that caught my eye–Rachel Sager Lynch. She explores geology in her mosaic works, as well as industrial processes such as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.”

Enjoy browsing these mosaic artists’ works!

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!



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