Nature MOSAIC Art Challenge: DAY ONE!

Today was an absolutely perfect day to begin February’s Nature Art Challenge–feels like spring! During my walk home, I kept my eyes open for the heart of my mosaic, today’s challenge.

Here are the items I collected during today’s walk:

Although many of these objects had within them the potential to inspire me, one in particular caught my eye…

The interesting shape of this leaf, as well as the circles within the leaf will inspire the content of my mosaic as I collect items throughout the week.

For my canvas, I plan to use a piece of hardboard (subject to change as my collection evolves).

Tomorrow, based on the patterns and shapes contained within the HEART of my mosaic, I will focus my attentions to collecting CIRCULAR objects in nature. For those of you working on mosaics of your own, focus your attention to the HEART of your mosaic—pay close attention to the shapes, outlines, textures, and color of your object. Use one of those observations as a springboard for tomorrow’s collection.

I hope you all have enjoyed your first day of collecting!

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!


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