Nature MOSAIC Art Challenge: DAY TWO!

Today’s walk once again turned up some very interesting objects for my mosaic! Trying to maintain a circular focus for my findings, I found myself gravitating towards the NEGATIVE SPACE created by the natural holes in leaves, acorn tops, and rocks. Although I only found a few objects with these types of negative spaces, I will continue to my search in the next couple of days!

Here were my findings today (not including two metal disks and one bottle cap that I picked up as well…though I’m not sure I want to introduce these sorts of found objects into my mosaic…thoughts?):

Along with my circular findings, I also found a couple of leaves with some interesting coloring (which might prove to be useful to my composition as well).

Today’s walk was definitely an EXPERIENCE–I found that walking with this sort of narrow focus or mission in mind really altered my perception of the world around me (I almost walked past my apartment entrance!). While this sort of nature experience probably isn’t the best way to soak up the sights and sounds of the natural world, it does provide an opportunity to focus on the beauty and fascinating details that are often overlooked (literally) for the loftier views. Even if you aren’t participating in this week’s challenge, pick one day this week to take a collecting walk. Take a small bag with you and collect some interesting objects. Whether or not you later do something with those objects is irrelevant. The act of collecting provides the opportunity to notice the little details and quirkiness inherent in the natural world. Go outside and explore! 🙂

For tomorrow’s collections, continue to focus on the HEART of your mosaic. With this leaf in mind,


I will continue my search for circular objects in nature, focusing on the NEGATIVE circular spaces in nature.

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!


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