Nature MOSAIC Art Challenge: DAY THREE!

Shells. That is the word that defined today’s collection, as my husband and I walked to a small ravine in a nearby neighborhood to hunt for my “negative spaces.” As always tends to happen to me when I am searching for something in particular, I just couldn’t seem to find any negative spaces (other than circles carved into rocks the size of my face!). I was, however, pleasantly surprised by my awesome findings of the day! My hunt for negative spaces led me to take a deeper look at this ravine–a space that is frequently driven or walked over. That, in and of itself, was a wonderful find of the day! Scattered throughout the ravine were shells of all shapes and sizes. Here are my finds of the day:

Here’s a close-up of my favorite find of the day–two fossilized shells!:

Although I’m not yet sure these shells will become a part of my mosaic, they were too awesome to pass up. Tomorrow will be the last day of the mosaic HEART-inspired gathering process. The focus will then turn to the other supplies that will be needed for my mosaic. So, enjoy your final day of gathering!

Tomorrow I will be judging an V.A.S.E. art show, so will attempt to find some interesting circular objects during my breaks. Click here to learn more about V.A.S.E., a program sponsored by the Texas Art Education Association to provide high school art students with opportunities to talk about their artwork and have their work evaluated in regional events. I must say–the  artwork that is brought to these events is absolutely phenomenal!

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!


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