Nature MOSAIC Art Challenge: DAY FOUR!

Today was the last and final day of my circular gathering process! Although most of my day was spent inside judging student artwork, I was still able to take a little bit of time to hunt for my mosaic materials!

Here are my finds of the day:

In addition to finding more hole-filled and circular leaves and shells, I FINALLY came across a very small piece of wood with more of the negative space I have been searching for! (I’m secretly hoping to find more of these before I finish the mosaic challenge!) I also found some awesome little seed pods–one was even sprouting, so I placed it into the soil to give it a better chance of survival!

While I wasn’t able to go on my usual collecting walk today, I did enjoy the short outdoor excursion and break from my day spent indoors!

For tomorrow’s challenge, start thinking about the design of your mosaic drawing from the shapes and textures of the objects you’ve collected.  In addition, start thinking more about your COLOR SCHEME that you will be working with and focus on collecting and sorting your colors. As part of tomorrow’s challenge, begin putting together your mosaic on your chosen base. 

I’m excited to see the mosaics that will develop from the last 4 days of gathering! 🙂

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!


2 thoughts on “Nature MOSAIC Art Challenge: DAY FOUR!

  1. Since I was exposed to Andy Goldsworthy several years ago I’ve really fallen in love with playing with natural materials as an art form. Although I do think it’s something most people do as children, or when hanging out some place like the beach, it’s nice to take it to the next level and intentionally spark the creative process by searching out interesting natural materials to create art with. Thanks for sharing your process! When I go on my walk today, I’m going to keep my eye peeled and bring a collection sack!

    • Thanks for your post! I hope you had a wonderful, inspiring walk! 🙂 There is definitely something unique and refreshing about using natural materials and natural forms as inspiration and fuel for creativity! I’m glad you are enjoying my posts! I am quite enjoying reading your blog as well 🙂

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