Nature MOSAIC Art Challenge: DAY FIVE!

Happy weekend! I hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday afternoon! Although it was a chilly day today, I still managed to get outside and take a little walk (though I did not collect anything today).

For today’s part of the challenge, I sorted through my materials to begin preparing to piece together my composition. I started by laying out all of the supplies I had gathered over the last 4 days:

After looking at all of my supplies, I decided to soak all of the shells to get rid of any potential “friends,” and then began to  explore different arrangements of my remaining objects (this also helped me to get a better feel for the objects that I still needed to add to my collection and those that I didn’t want in my collection).

After moving around the leaves, acorns, and other assorted items, I decided that I wanted some of my acorns to sit flush on the canvas. Using sandpaper, I leveled the tops of the acorn caps to help them sit properly on the surface of my board.

Finally, I decided to arrange my materials into some sort of tighter configuration–again, just playing with the forms, colors, and composition. Here was my result:

This is by no means the finished product. It is merely an experiment. After I finished my explorations, I put all of the pieces back into a little pile and set the shells out to dry. Manipulating the various pieces that I had collected felt like I was attempting to solve a puzzle. At the same time, I also discovered things that I hadn’t noticed before when I first found these objects–such as small cracks, additional color variations, textures, and surface changes that had taken place over the last couple of days. Interesting explorations!

For tomorrow’s challenge, finish collecting any additional materials you may have decided you need during today’s explorations. I know in my case, I would like to find a few more leaves with brown tones and some more of those very small white seed shells (see the top section of my final exploratory composition). In addition, begin the construction of your mosaic. Please note: There are no set rules for the composition of this mosaic. Perhaps you’d like to fill your whole canvas with natural objects. Or maybe you’d like to leave some open space on your canvas. The choice is up to you and your creativity! Enjoy the process!

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!


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