Nature MOSAIC Art Challenge: DAY SIX!

Another glorious day of exploration! On my walk home today, I gathered the remaining leaves and seed shells I needed for my mosaic. I then began to piece together the composition of my mosaic, working on fitting together the shells…and then the leaves. After several attempts at fitting shells together, I decided to focus on the heart of my mosaic. My original inspiration for circular collections. Using one of the larger leaves I had collected, I began fitting my abnormal, hole-filled leaves into the holes around the outside of the larger leaf. The following composition then developed from those explorations:

Tomorrow is the final day of the challenge. That being said, I will attach all of the above pieces to my chosen canvas board and will add the remaining details to my composition!

I hope you all have enjoyed this challenge as much as I have!

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!


4 thoughts on “Nature MOSAIC Art Challenge: DAY SIX!

  1. Hey, thanks for the positive response!
    Your blog is wonderful. I’m glad there are educators like you out there who care about taking care of this planet I happen to find myself on. (I also really enjoy your nature videos)

    Have you ever heard of Andy Goldsworthy? If not you should check him out. Nearly every library has a copy of ‘Rivers and Tides’ and it’s lovely.

    • Thanks!

      Yes! Goldsworthy’s work is incredible! I actually blogged about him a few months ago, and also did an Goldsworthy-inspired environmental art lesson with a group of second graders (pictures are in a previous blog post). Great stuff–and the kids love working with the natural materials as much as I do!

      Cheers! I’m looking forward to reading more on your blog too! 🙂

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