Nature MOSAIC Art Challenge: DAY SEVEN!

Well, once again it is time to wrap up another Nature Art Challenge! I must say I really enjoyed my discoveries throughout the collection and creation processes over the last seven days! As a result of this challenge, my daily walks became much more eventful–as I planned new routes to find hidden treasures and see new wonders in the little bits of nature scattered throughout my neighborhood.

Today was my mosaic-finishing day. So, during my walk home, I gathered a few last minute shells and then set to work attaching my natural objects to the canvas board! Here is the final result of my Nature Mosaic Art Challenge:

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the way my circular collection came together–and am looking forward to future nature-inspired mosaics! As always, I’d love to see your results from this month’s challenge! Send them my way! Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this month’s challenge, as well as my mosaic! 🙂

‘Til later..happy explorations!


4 thoughts on “Nature MOSAIC Art Challenge: DAY SEVEN!

  1. This is a great little project. I often want to pick up odds & ends on my walks, and I have often thought of using them this way. You may just have pushed me over the edge of inspiration into actually DOING it!

  2. This turned out really beautifully. I’ve been looking over all the junk–er, objects–I’ve aquired over the years and thinking, I could do a collecting walk right here in my own house!

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