Nature Painting Challenge: DAY FIVE!

Along with painting today, I decided to work on updating the design of my blog! Although I still have a lot of work to do, I must say I am enjoying its new look–and I hope you do too! 🙂

Before I discuss my painting explorations for the day, I have another exciting announcement! At the end of this month, I will be giving a presentation/workshop for a Texas Art Education Association mini conference! This conference is all about technology, so I will be presenting on ways to use video art in a classroom to help students learn about their local environment! It should be a fun conference–and excellent motivation for me to get my act together and develop some video art lessons!

…and now…onto the day’s challenge! Today’s challenge was to focus on finding an interesting object to study in detail. After walking around for a short time, I happened upon this little fellow (not EXACTLY an object, but too great a find to pass up…at least I thought so!):


He was either injured, or attempting to exercise his legs, because this little fly refused to take off no matter how close I got with my camera (which made for some most excellent macro shots!) After our photo shoot together, I decided to add some flies to my painting. Although these guys have a pretty bad reputations, this particular fly seemed to be on a respectable foraging mission…so my little fly friend, today’s painting challenge is for you:


Here are a few close-ups:



For tomorrow’s challenge, look to the sky to add some interesting tints and shapes to your painting. Focus on the changing colors and textures throughout the day.

‘Til tomorrow..happy explorations!

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