Nature Painting Challenge: DAY SEVEN!

Well, another challenge has come to an end! I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed this month’s painting explorations. I particularly liked the first day’s explorations of leaf shapes–as I not only saw the negative print of each leaf, but also had the chance to feel the different surfaces as the paint was spread over the edges of the leaves! Too much fun!

And now…onto today’s challenge! Today’s explorations focused on finalizing the painting: adding a border and any other little touch-up details. Drawing from trees for my inspiration, I painted tree trunk sides on all four of my borders and then extended two of the borders into my painting in the form of long tree branches.

Here is my finished painting:

Close-up of side border:

As was the case with last month’s mosaic challenge, I found that focusing on one work of art for the week has been a great way to build on the previous day’s explorations. If you didn’t participate in this month’s challenge, I highly encourage you to give it a try (whether you use paint or another art medium). You might even try a combination of media (painting along with a found object mosaic!).

Let me know what you thought of this month’s challenge! I’d love to hear from you, or see your own artful explorations 🙂

‘Til later…happy explorations!


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