Floral X-Rays!

Happy Sunday! 🙂 The clouds continue to blanket Austin (and, from what I hear, there are even some flash flood warnings for tonight–on into the following morning! Yikes!). That being said, today is a most excellent day to explore the works of nature-inspired artists–and maybe make some of my own art as well! While in the midst of  drinking my morning mate, I stumbled upon the GORGEOUS works of photographer Brendan Fitzpatrick! While his artwork is not exclusively environment/nature inspired, his series of Floral X-Rays provide some incredible examples of exploration into the beauty and grace of the forms in nature! Check out a few of his works:


Although his initial plan was to become a science fiction illustrator, his experimenting with mixed media and collage eventually led him to photography. He explains, “Photography is a vast language. It balances my inner creative spirit with a connection to the physical world. It offers suggestions in the moment and surprises me always with images better than those I sought. I love both it’s stillness and it’s dynamism. This is a medium in which contexts collide with dramatic results. What was invisible can be suddenly made so obvious.”


His words describe his floral x-rays series so well–as his compositions bring to light the hidden intricacies and beauty contained within a flower.

To view more of Fitzpatrick’s works, check out his website.

His landscape photography is also quite breathtaking!


‘Til later…happy explorations!


One thought on “Floral X-Rays!

  1. floral x-rays – never heard of such a thing. Magnificent. They really underscore the sensitive fragility of plants.

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