Weaving and Storytelling: A Beautiful Combination!

Happy Friday! After a busy week on my feet, it feels so wonderful to kick back, relax, and check out new artists and ideas out there!

Here are a couple of wonderful blogs that I happened across:

New City Arts

The Crafty Crow

If you click on the above link for New City Arts’ blog, you will be able to read more about this awesome weaving project they did with third grade artists. While studying the ancient art of weaving and its connection to the art of storytelling, students created their own stories using colors and patterns in a weaving. Here are a few of the students’ weavings:

This is such a wonderful idea for a lesson–and it’s just brimming with possibilities for artful explorations into the natural environment! My creative gears are already set in motion! πŸ™‚

Enjoy browsing through some of the other projects on these blogs! And I hope you are able to step outside to enjoy a little fresh air and natural beauty this weekend!

‘Til later…happy explorations!

6 thoughts on “Weaving and Storytelling: A Beautiful Combination!

  1. I’m currently doing a cardboard loom weaving project with some of my elementary homeschool students and they’ve been making comments about their own weavings and that of other students. I’ve heard things like that looks like a birthday cake or mine is a sunset. After reading your post I’m going to encourage everyone to tell me a story about their weaving!

    • That’s wonderful! Stories are a great way to not only get students to TALK about their artwork, but also form an attachment to their work as an expression of who they are–their thoughts and ideas! Glad to hear your kiddos are enjoying their weavings!

  2. I discovered your blog through LinkedIn. I love this activity of weaving and telling a story. Kids can learn so many things through visual art! I will take the time in the coming days to discover your blog!

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