PowerPoint Animations!

Happy Thursday! 🙂

In just two days, I will be presenting at a Texas Art Education Association conference! The theme for this conference is all about technology, so I will be presenting about both video art (see my previous Video Art Nature Challenge) and animation and some ways that these art media can be used to help students explore their local environment (schools, communities, surrounding nature).

What do you think of this as an image for my business cards?

Along with presenting a few of my video lessons inspired by my nature challenge, I will also be facilitating a hands-on workshop in which participants will be creating animations using Microsoft Powerpoint. Have any of you tried this before? It’s really simple..and very addicting!

In case any of you are interested in giving it a try, check out the Animation Handout I created for the workshop participants. This will also give you a head start on next month’s Nature Art  Challenge (April 1-April 7), as we will be focusing on exploring the natural environment through ANIMATION!

‘Til later…happy explorations!

10 thoughts on “PowerPoint Animations!

    • Thanks! I’ve been keeping up with the progress of Project Create over the last couple of months– keep up the great work! The logo that you chose looks fantastic!


  1. By the way, how do you use PowerPoint for animation? I’m excited to find out, since I began a stop motion lesson with my grade 9s just a few days ago! …if we can use PP, it would make it much easier for quite a few of them!

    • Yes, PP definitely makes stop motion a little easier–and it’s a program that most schools have!

      If you click on the link to my handout for the presentation, it lays out all of the instructions for you! Let me know if you have any questions after looking over the instructions! I’ll be posting more about it for this month’s challenge, so if you’d like to follow me in the challenge, we can make an animation together! I try to make each day’s challenge rather simple and/or quick to accomplish!

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