Nature Animation Challenge: DAY ONE!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend as much as I am! Today has been an absolutely gorgeous–albeit hot and humid–Austin day! Lately I’ve been getting the sneaking suspicion that spring has been skipped altogether, as we seem to be creeping closer and closer to the summer 100’s! However, today’s sunny, high 80’s/ low 90’s provided a nice beginning to April’s Nature Animation Challenge!

Apologies for not posting this yesterday— For today’s challenge, I focused on creating the MAIN CHARACTER for my animation. Since I had absolutely no story in mind for this animation, I decided to head outside for a little walk to gather inspiration (and supplies!). During my walk, I found a nice pile of sand, so decided to gather a few handfuls. As I was filling my little bag with sand, I noticed this poor fellow out of the corner of my eye:

Main character. Check.

After deciding on the character for my animation, I began gathering the necessary building supplies. Here are some of the supplies that I collected:

In addition to the NATURAL supplies, I also found some wire (twist ties would work just fine) from my miscellaneous craft drawers. Since I will be creating a STOP ANIMATION, it is very important for me to keep the desired movement of my character in mind as I am constructing him. Wire and/or clay definitely comes in handy to create the illusion of motion during the animation process.

To construct my main character, I used a hot glue gun to attach his body parts–adding wire as a framework for the body parts that will move during the animation. I also added pipe cleaners wrapped with wire for his legs and proboscis.

Here is my resulting character:

For tomorrow’s challenge, construct a storyboard for your animation.Β  A storyboard is usually used in the early stages of an animation to provide a visual script for the storyline. It generally has both text and quick, loose sketches (in full-length features, these sketches are usually reworked to look as professional as the animation itself.). For the purposes of this Nature Animation Challenge, the storyboard will provide a rough outline of the storyline for your animation. In full-length animations, storyboard artists draw an image for every 1.5 seconds of the finished film. Since this animation will be MUCH shorter, try to shoot for 5-6 quick sketches/text descriptions.

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!


5 thoughts on “Nature Animation Challenge: DAY ONE!

    • Thanks for your comment! Even though you won’t be participating in creating an animation, you can most definitely participate in the adventure by following my own explorations! πŸ™‚ Your thoughts are most appreciated! Thanks for stopping by!

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