Nature Animation Challenge: DAY FOUR

I can’t believe it’s already the fourth day of this month’s challenge! As my animation set continues to move closer to being ready for LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION, I am becoming increasingly excited to see the final results!

For today’s challenge, I focused on creating the flower for my animation. Just as I did when I created my flying character, I took short walk to gather supplies. I then began building the flower, keeping in mind my storyboard and the movement that the flower would be making in my animation.  Here is the result of today’s explorations:

For tomorrow’s challenge, add all finished touches to your stage. This includes any additional props that you will need for your animation, as well as your lighting and tripod (or alternative camera support). When setting up your lighting, use at least two light sources to diffuse your light in order to avoid shadows (unless you want a strong shadow in your animation).

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!

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