Nature Animation Challenge: DAY SEVEN!

Once again we have come to the end of another nature challenge! It has been a very interesting seven days of exploration and learning, as we went through the animation process to explore some aspect of the natural world.

For today’s challenge, I finalized my animation, putting together all of the still images taken yesterday, which ended up coming to about 150 frames. While the standard fps (frames per second) rate for all hand-drawn animations and motion pictures is 24fps, many web animations are shot at 12-15 fps (which is the standard rate for quality television animation). If you’d like to read more about timing and pacing in animations, check out this great article!

And now, onto my animation! Due to time constraints of this challenge, my finished animation moves at a rate of approximately 4-5 fps (which accounts for the jerkier movements). Check it out:

Given more time, I definitely could have worked to make the movements more smooth. Overall, I felt like this was a successful nature challenge and time of exploration. After this challenge, I can definitely see potential applications for artful explorations into the movements in the natural world. (If I get around to it in the coming weeks, I will try to post other lesson/project ideas involving animation!)

I hope you all enjoyed this month’s challenge as much as I did! As always, if you participated in the challenge and would like to share your results, I’d love to see them!

‘Til later…happy explorations!



5 thoughts on “Nature Animation Challenge: DAY SEVEN!

  1. Well done! I’ve been reading your posts & was excited to see your final product ~ well worth the wait! 🙂 I’ll be making my own stop-motion soon since my students are on the same track… your posts will help guide me.

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