That is a very good question–AND it’s one that is oh-so-very relevant for the upcoming Nature Art Challenge! For the first week of May (that’s May 1-May 7), the focus of our artful explorations will center around exploring nature’s TEXTURES through the art of ZENTANGLE. Let me explain.

The Zentangle method, according to their website,  “is a way of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. It is fun and relaxing. Almost anyone can use it to create beautiful images. It increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being.” Sounds like the recipe for focused artful explorations in nature!

Below is an in-process Zentangle that I have been working on. As described in my worksheet that I’ve posted below, I started by drawing the outline of a tree in the school courtyard. I then began dividing the tree into different sections and adding patterns:

Here’s a worksheet that I created for my students, in case they decided to incorporate Zentangle into a mixed media landscape assignment:

This worksheet outlines the basic steps that we will follow during the Nature Zentangle Art Challenge this month. In case you’re still in need of more Zentangle-related information, here is a video demonstrating the method:

Before the challenge begins (this Tuesday), try experimenting around with the Zentangle technique! It really is a lot of fun–and incredibly relaxing!

Tomorrow I will post a little more information regarding this month’s challenge, as well as tips for DAY ONE!

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!

12 thoughts on “What is ZENTANGLE?

  1. drawing is not my strong point but in this way it would bring me closer to the landscape still the end result will be noting like what you show us here.
    just wondering if Gustav Klimt knew about Zentangle and did he use it in the portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer for example.

    • Great connection! I hadn’t even thought of that. Klimt’s work most definitely has those Zentangle patterns! If anything, I’d say Zentangle was inspired by works like those of Gustav Klimt!

      I definitely think this challenge is much more participant-friendly–and would love to hear about your experiences, should you decide to participate! I think it’ll be a great opportunity to draw closer to the landscape and study the beautiful and diverse textures and subtleties in the natural world!

      Thanks for your comment–and I hope you join in on the Zentangling 🙂

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